Bonsai Books

This is a small selection of the books available from our shop.

101 Essential Bonsai Tips
Pages: 72 Size: 175 x 125 mm Format: Paperback Notes: This great little book contains loads of colour photos on how to care for your... more info
Bonsai by Peter Warren
Pages: 224 Size: 195 x 233 mm Format: Hardback Notes: The new "Bonsai Bible". We worked heavily on this book with DK &... more info
Bonsai Inspirations 2 Second Edition - Harry Harrington
  Pages: 168 Size: 280 x 221 mm Format: Softback Notes: The second in the series of books by one of the UK's... more info
The Bonsai Handbook - Dave Prescott
  Pages: 160 Size: 280 x 215 mm Format: softback Notes: The exquisite art of bonsai is beautifully demonstrated in... more info
Bonsai, Complete Practical Book - Ken Norman
Bonsai, an ancient tradition with its origins in China, was developed as a fine art form in Japan. It is a fascinating `living art' that captures... more info
Japanese Maples - J.D. Vertrees
Simply the Japanese Maple Bible A comprehensive source of information on the culture, identification, and nomenclature of Japanese maples, it... more info