Bonsai Pots

Full online pot purchasing

We stock hundreds of pots at the nursery including many English Hand Made ones which are totally individual. Unfortunately delivery of ceramic pots can be expensive as most couriers will not insure ceramic, therefore any breakages are replaced by ourselves. For this reason we spend a lot of time & materials packaging pots to make sure that there is as little chance as possible of them breaking! For this reason, some of the larger ceramic pots mat take a week or so to dispatch.

If you cannot see the pot that you are after then please contact us & we may be able to source it.

Any stands or display tables shown in any photos are not included in the price. Please see our Bonsai Display section.

Please note: Colours may vary slightly from photos & sizes are to the nearest 1/2", measured externally. Most of our pots shown as Top Quality, Excellent Quality or Exhibition Quality are hand made or hand finished. All others are either slip or press moulded or made from mica or plastic & as such may show surface blemishes, shrinkage cracks prior to final firing & and possibly some minor distortion. Please do not expect a show quality or perfectly finished pot unless they are advertised as such.