Bonsai Starter Sets

Some great starter sets if you are just starting out on Bonsai.

Bonsai Repotting Set
A good value repotting set comprises of: Standard Quality Root Scissors, 5 x Sheet of Mesh, Standard Quality Steel Root Hook, 100g of... more info
Bonsai Repotting Set - With Basic Soil Mix
A good value basic repotting set for indoor & outdoor trees. Set comprises of: 2 ltrs Basic Soil Mix, Standard Quality Root Scissors, 1 x Sheet... more info
Standard Quality Bonsai Tool Set - 7 Piece
Standard quality 7 piece tool set. All the basic tools you need to maintain your Bonsai, comprising of - 1 x General Purpose Scissors, 1 x Root... more info
British Bonsai Starter Set
Set comprises of : 1 x Enthusiasts Standard Tool Set (See CTS-02 for content), 1 x Sheet of Drainage Mesh, 1 x Tube Kyonal Wound Sealant, Nest... more info
Standard Quality Enthusiasts Tool Set - 12 Piece
Set comprises of - Standard quality 7 piece tool set (see CTS-01 for content), plus a Steel Root Hook, 110mm Scissors, 110mm Stainless... more info